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CENSUS scholars present a paper at the AoIR 2019 in Brisbane

2019.09.30On October 3rd, Clare Southerton and Anders Albrechtslund will present a paper co-written with Maja Sonne Damkjaer "Relief from Communication: Parental Surveillance Technologies, Trust and Care" at the 2019 Association of Internet Researchers Conference. The paper is part of a panel on "Parents, Children and the Internet"

Anders Albrechtslund participates in a public panel on smartphones at schools in Canberra

2019.09.09If you happen to be in Canberra on September 12, don’t miss the public discussion “Networked crises? Banning, limiting or embracing smartphones in Australian Schools” in which Anders Albrechtslund will take part as a panellist! More information here. 

Anders Albrechtslund is visiting Australian National University

2019.08.06CENSUS director Anders Albrechtslund has accepted an appointment as Visiting Fellow for the fall semester of 2019. He will visit the Sociology Department and be hosted by Associate Professor Gavin Smith, a leading scholar in the surveillance studies community

CENSUS welcomes new postdoc Sarah Widmer

2019.05.08Sarah has a background in political geography and will be working on the CHiP project.

Postdoc Maja Sonne Damkjær writes about CHiP findings for Forskerzonen

2019.03.12In an article for Forskerzonen, she outlines digital surveillance technologies in the family and their complex implications for freedom.

CENSUS Director discusses surveillance cameras

2019.03.05Anders Albrechtslund discusses the limitations of surveillance cameras for loss prevention.

Want to join the Center for Surveillance Studies?

2019.02.08We encourage junior scholars interested in surveillance to apply to work with us!

Parents use social media platforms as tools to perform identity

2019.02.06Findings from the CHiP project provide insight into the way parents choose to share content on certain platforms depending on the audience.

Parents imagine the future when “sharenting”

2018.11.12Findings from the CHiP project show parents are not ignorant of some risks of sharing photos online.

Teaching materials on Big Data

2018.11.01CENSUS is collaborating on developing materials to inform young people about big data and the digital footprints it leaves behind.

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