Surveillance Lab was founded in 2016 by Associate Professor Anders Albrechtslund and Professor (MSO) Peter Lauritsen.

We are a center for research and teaching in practices with surveillance technologies, and we offer facilities and equipment for both researchers and students. Surveillance Lab is interdisciplinary and brings together expertise from the humanities and social sciences, and we engage with surveillance theory, analysis and experiments.

The prehistory of Surveillance Lab consists of a wide range of surveillance-related research activities with a base at Aarhus University. We hosted the national network Forum for Surveillance Studies (2008-2012) and have also hosted many international surveillance scholars and research projects with the generous funding of Aarhus University Research Foundation, The Danish Research Council, The Velux Foundations and others.

We develop and teach courses on surveillance issues. Since 2013 we have offered the humanities electives course Surveillance Culture every year. Also, in 2016 we have developed the talent initiative Children, Intimacy, and Surveillance Practices as part of the honours programmes at the Faculty of Arts. We offer supervision and facilities to Master Thesis students who want to work on a surveillance-related topic.


Please contact us with questions, suggestions or offers of collaboration.